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06/07/2016 Wolfe Court, Bealeton Water Line Upgrade The Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (FCWSA) will be upgrading the water lines in your community over the next few days, weather permitting.
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04/26/2016 Bealeton Water Lines Upgrade The FCWSA will be upgrading the water lines in Bealeton at Schoolhouse Rd.
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09/30/2015 Suspension of Charges You may see changes to your bill received in October. The FCWSA Board of Directors has suspended the Demand Charge for all customers, and the Marshall Surcharges on the Base Service Fee and Usage Fee for our Marshall customers. A rate study is in progress by an independent consultant.
02/21/2014 Subtraction Meters Click here to learn more about this option
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02/21/2014 Customer Financial Assistance One-time emergency assistance is available to those who qualify
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02/21/2014 Authority Discolored Water Seeing some discoloration in your water during the Spring and Summer?
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