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07/09/2014 New Baltimore Water System Warning The New Baltimore Water System has been upgraded to a "Warning" stage.
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05/29/2014 Water Tank Maintenance WSA will be performing maintenance on some of our water storage tanks starting in June 2014. The tanks will be taken out of service temporarily to perform essential maintenance and/or painting of the tanks.
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04/10/2014 Fire Hydrant Painting What do the different fire hydrant colors mean?
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02/21/2014 Water Demand Charges Did you have an additional fee on your bill this month?
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02/21/2014 Subtraction Meters Click here to learn more about this option
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02/21/2014 Customer Financial Assistance One-time emergency assistance is available to those who qualify
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02/21/2014 Authority Discolored Water Seeing some discoloration in your water during the Spring and Summer?
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02/21/2014 NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS OF THE MARSHALL WATERWORKS Levels of Trichloroethylene Above Drinking Water Standards. Please see the MARSHALL WATER SUPPLY page for additional information.
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