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06/30/2015 NEW BILL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The FCWSA is implementing a new bill management system effective July 1, 2015.
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04/10/2014 Fire Hydrant Painting What do the different fire hydrant colors mean?
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02/21/2014 Water Demand Charges Did you have an additional fee on your bill this month?
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02/21/2014 Subtraction Meters Click here to learn more about this option
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02/21/2014 Customer Financial Assistance One-time emergency assistance is available to those who qualify
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02/21/2014 Authority Discolored Water Seeing some discoloration in your water during the Spring and Summer?
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02/21/2014 NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS OF THE MARSHALL WATERWORKS Levels of Trichloroethylene Above Drinking Water Standards. Please see the MARSHALL WATER SUPPLY page for additional information.
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