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FCWSA will be flushing in the following areas: Canterbury, English Meadows, Edgehill, Botha, Waterloo and Turnbull starting on May 20, 2024. For the full 2024 flushing schedule click here

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Drought Update


FCWSA continues to monitor groundwater levels and precipitation in our region. Total Precipitation over the last twelve months remains slightly below normal for parts of our region, but recent rains have helped alleviate deficits in soil moisture, streamflows, and groundwater levels statewide resulting in DEQ lifting all drought advisories within the Commonwealth. FCWSA relies solely on groundwater from 46 wells throughout Fauquier County, primarily in the Service Districts, which collect water from fractures in the bedrock deep beneath our water systems. During an average year it's estimated that less than 25% of rainfall migrates through these fractures to be captured by FCWSA's groundwater wells - in drought years this may be less than 15% of rainfall, which is why it's always important to consider wise water use and conservation of our natural resources.

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Mandatory Water Restrictions Issued For New Baltimore Regional Water System


WARRENTON, VIRGINIA, September 5, 2023:  Due to record water usage in the New Baltimore Regional Water System during a drought watch advisory, the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (FCWSA) is issuing mandatory water restrictions for all customers in the New Baltimore service area.  These restrictions are only for the New Baltimore system; all other FCWSA customers remain under voluntary water restrictions, click here for full letter.

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Drought Watch Advisory for Fauquier County and FCWSA Service Area


Advisory issued due to several factors, including low recent rainfall, high temperatures, high demand, and future weather forecasts.
In response, FCWSA is issuing voluntary water restrictions to achieve a 10% reduction in use.

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Current Drought Conditions


Fauquier County is experiencing the 5th driest year to date over the past 129 years. Please conserve water use whenever possible. For more information click here.

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Meter Upgrade Program


Over the next 24 months, you may see WSA employees and vehicles out repairing and maintaining water meters throughout the County.  For your safety, please note that all WSA vehicles have logos on the front doors; and WSA employees wear uniforms with logos on the shirts and carry ID badges.  Any questions, please contact WSA at 540-349-2092. Thank you.

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Subtraction Meter Billing Letter


The FCWSA Board adopted a new rate structure that went into effect in October 2022 which included winter average billing, click here for more information.

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New Mailing Address For Payments Only Effective 9/1/22


Effective September 1st we will have a new mailing address for payments only:

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Customer Rate Letters


The Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority’s (FCWSA) mission is to provide quality, reliable water and wastewater services in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. Residential customers please click here and for our commercial customers please click here.

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Town of Remington Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation


The Authority initiated a comprehensive study of the Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) problems experienced in the wastewater collection system of the Remington Wastewater Treatment Plant, which includes Town of Remington, Bealeton, and Opal service districts.  Based on the study, downtown Remington was identified as an area with the highest I&I and very rapid response to storm events suggesting that there were direct sources of inflow to the sanitary sewer system.  When groundwater and stormwater enter the Authority’s sanitary sewer collection system, known as I&I, wastewater treatment facilities become less efficient and systems become strained.  Also since all water entering a wastewater treatment facility must be treated as wastewater, the operational costs increase proportional to the amount of clean water entering the sanitary sewer system due to I&I.

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Septic Hauler Restrictions


The Remington Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is experiencing an upset due to abnormally high levels of septage received at the WWTP. Effective Monday, July 19, 2021, the FCWSA will not accept any hauled waste generated outside of Fauquier County. Click here for additional details.

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