Sanitary Sewer Responsibility

The Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (the “Authority”) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of any gravity sanitary sewer main, force main or low pressure force main located within a public street (VDOT right-of-way) or sanitary sewer easement dedicated to us providing we have accepted the pipeline.  While we may assist in the operation and maintenance of sanitary sewers, force mains or low pressure force mains that have not received final acceptance, when such pipeline systems are still incomplete, the builder or developer retains operating and maintenance responsibility as well as liability for sewer backups within areas served by incomplete sewers or force mains not yet accepted by the Authority.

Sewer stoppages in gravity sanitary sewer mains, generally six inches or larger, will be cleared by us regardless of the cause.  Sewer stoppages that occur in force mains or low pressure force mains located within dedicated VDOT right-of-way or in sanitary sewer easements will also be cleared by Authority personnel.  However, it is the responsibility of the residential or commercial customer to clear any blockage in the service line (sewer main to property line) or in the building lateral (property line to building), as these are considered to be private property and owned by the customer, similar to the plumbing fixtures in your home.  The individual customer’s are responsible for what is put in the service line, or in the building lateral.  However, the Authority will be responsible for correcting the problem for the service line located within a public street (VDOT right-of-way).

If a customer experiences a sewage backup the Authority should be contacted by calling (540) 349-2092.  A representative will be dispatched to determine if the blockage is in the main.  If it is determined the main is clear the customer will be advised the blockage is the responsibility of the customer and the service of a plumber should be obtained.  We will not reimburse a customer for the cost of a plumber.

If a sanitary sewer main has blockage or surcharged flow which caused a backup into a business or residence, resulting from a failure of the Authority's facilities or equipment, the Authority will offer to have a cleaning service clean and disinfect the affected areas at our expense.  This service is offered to lessen the impact of the backup on the affected business or residence; however we will not accept any liability for damage due to the sewage backup if the customer feels damage has occurred.  An insurance claim must be filed with  our insurance carrier, who will determine if the Authority has any liability.  The customer should call (540) 349-2092 to file a claim.

For more particular details regarding the customer’s and the Authority’s responsibilities please follow the link below:

Rules and Regulations

As required by the Virginia Water and Waste Authority’s Act - § 15.2-5100 et seq. of the Code of Virginia, the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority has adopted a set of Rules and Regulations for the regulation of its affairs and the conduct of its business which govern the use of the public water and sanitary sewerage facilities when used for residential, business, commercial, or industrial purposes within Fauquier County, Virginia.