Water Service Responsibility

The Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (the “Authority”) maintains all water mains and water service lines from the water main up to and through the water meter box.  The Authority is responsible for all water meters, angle valves, meter setters or other appurtenances located in the meter box.

It is the individual customer’s responsibility for any water service line on the customer's side of a meter box, as those portions of your water service are your private property, similar to the plumbing fixtures within your home.  However, we will repair or replace that portion of a water service line located in the public street (VDOT right-of way) between the meter and the customer's property line if the line was neither tampered with or replaced by the customer or the customer's plumber prior to calling the Authority.

The Authority strives to provide, but cannot guarantee, a sufficient or uniform pressure, or an uninterrupted supply of potable water.  Customers are cautioned to maintain a sufficient water storage where an absolutely uninterrupted supply shall be assured, such as for steam boilers, domestic hot water systems, gas engines, etc.  Where the system water pressure is lower than desired, the customer may install at his own expense a tank and/or booster pump with the appropriate backflow prevention as approved by the Authority.  Where the water pressure exceeds 80 psi the customer should install at his own expense, a proper pressure regulating device to reduce the water pressure.

Whenever possible, we will provide advance notice of interruption of the water supply.  However, the need may arise to shut off the water mains for the purpose of making connections, alterations, repairs, changes or for reasons that may prevent us from doing so.  If your water service is unexpectedly interrupted, calling the Authority’s offices at (540) 349-2092 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) or checking the Authority's website at www.fcwsa.org will provide you additional information.

For more particular details regarding the customer’s and the Authority’s responsibilities please follow the link below:

Rules and Regulations

As required by the Virginia Water and Waste Authority’s Act - § 15.2-5100 et seq. of the Code of Virginia, the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority has adopted a set of Rules and Regulations for the regulation of its affairs and the conduct of its business which govern the use of the public water and sanitary sewerage facilities when used for residential, business, commercial, or industrial purposes within Fauquier County, Virginia.